WWL-TV November 16, 2017 Salvadoran man fearing deportation seeks sanctuary in Mid-City church by Lauren Bale A construction worker from El Salvador who fears being deported to his violent home county said Wednesday he will seek sanctuary in a Mid-City church. Jose Torres, 31, was supposed to appear at a check-in with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office. Instead, he said, he plans to live inside First Grace United Methodist Church in Mid-City indefinitely to avoid being separated from his daughters, who are 2 and 8, and his wife who are United States citizens. Torres said he entered the country illegally by swimming across the Rio Grande into Texas in 2005. He moved to the New Orleans area shortly after Hurricane Katrina and has lived here since. "I have worked and sweated in this city, shoulder to shoulder with my brother and sister immigrants to rebuild New Orleans," Torres said.

The Times-Picayune November 16, 2017 Immigrant takes sanctuary in New Orleans church, first to do so in Louisiana by Maria Clark
Torres, a Salvadorian and father of two U.S. born children, has lived in the country since he was 18 years old. He was expected to check-in with Immigration and Customs Enforcement Wednesday morning. "I packed my suitcase yesterday before taking her to school", he said in Spanish speaking about his older daughter, Julissa, 8. "When she came home she called me and asked, 'Why weren't you there to pick me up?' "I told her, 'I am fighting to stay with you,'" Torres said.

The New Orleans Advocate November 15, 2017 Salvadoran native plans to live inside Mid-City New Orleans church to avoid deportation by Matt Sledge Fearing deportation to a native country wracked by violence, an El Salvadoran construction worker announced Wednesday he is seeking sanctuary at a New Orleans church. Jose Torres was scheduled to appear at a check-in with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Wednesday morning. Instead, he said he plans to live inside First Grace United Methodist Church in Mid-City indefinitely, hoping to avoid being separated from his two young daughters, who are U.S. citizens. “I have decided to take sanctuary because I have two babies who need me," he said. "They're destroying me totally as the father of a family. I feel terrible — they're removing me from my daughters' lives. That is why I am fighting against these injustices.”