Stand Warrant Clinics Combat Racial Inequality, Win Citywide Support

25369866203_8cf362d125_zWHAT: Warrant Clinic to reduce fines & fees, clear municipal warrants
WHO: NOWCRJ’s Stand with Dignity, 500+ community participants
WHEN: Saturday, Sep. 30, 2017, 9am-4pm CT
WHERE: St. Peter Claver School, 1019 N. Prieur St., New Orleans, LA 70116
CONTACT: Anza Becnel,, 504-352-6394

NEW ORLEANS—This Saturday, Sep. 30, NOWCRJ’s Stand with Dignity will hold its second Warrant Clinic, an initiative that has already freed more than 1,000 Black New Orleanians from the fear of arrest while saving the city an estimated $1 million.

Stand with Dignity—a membership organization of black New Orleanians fighting for quality jobs and against criminalization—organized the Warrant Clinics to let community members:
have municipal fines and fees greatly reduced or waived,
clear municipal warrants, freeing them from the constant fear of arrest, and
reinstate suspended driver’s licenses, which opens opportunities for employment.

Black New Orleanians are disproportionately targeted by police and criminalized in ways that lead to deepening poverty, racial inequality, and massive barriers to jobs and opportunity.

Stand’s Warrant Clinics combat criminalization and expand opportunity while saving the city millions of dollars in court and incarceration costs—far more than the value of the fines and fees that are waived.

That’s why the Warrant Clinics have won the support of the City Attorney’s office, City Council, and municipal court judges, as well as endorsement by the New Orleans Times-PIcayune.

More than 500 community members are expected to take part in Saturday’s clinic, which is part of a broader campaign by Stand against the criminalization of communities of color in New Orleans, and for full and fair employment.

CONTACT: Anza Becnel,, 504-352-6394