A Step Toward Justice in the Louisiana State Legislature

NOWCRJ is proud to celebrate a big step toward justice in the Louisiana State Legislature: the defeat of two anti-immigrant bills and the passage of the Justice and Reinvestment criminal justice reform package. Members of NOWCRJ’s Stand with Dignity and Congress of Day Laborers worked to defeat the anti-immigrant bills and support the historic criminal justice reform package during an intensely regressive and xenophobic moment in our country.

Congreso JRI bills 800

Louisiana’s Justice and Reinvestment bills are only a first step, but they are a huge sign of progress at a moment when much of the country is moving backward, toward increased criminalization. The Louisiana bills make a formal commitment to reducing Louisiana’s prison population, investing in alternatives to incarceration, and beginning in earnest the process of real reform in a state that has become the incarceration capitol of the world.

The defeat of Louisiana’s anti-immigrant bills is a big win for communities in the South and across the country. It sends an important message that the public supports restricting local law enforcement’s collaboration with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The support, wisdom, and testimony of people impacted by Louisiana’s incarceration regime was crucial to the successes of this legislative session.