Nola Children to ICE: Release Our Parents for Mother’s Day

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May 8, 2017

Dear New Orleans ICE Director David Rivera,

As children of detained and at-risk undocumented parents in New Orleans, we respectfully request a meeting with you and the liberation of our parents before Mother’s Day on May 14th, 2017.

What we want for Mother’s Day is for our moms and dads to be let out of ICE so that we can be with them and go to the park and so they can take care of us.

We don’t want you to lock our moms and dads inside your detention center. We don’t want to be scared every time our parents drop us off at school that that’s the last time we’ll see them ever again. Having to live like this makes us sad. Sometimes we even wonder if we’re not as good as other kids who don’t have to worry about these things.

But we know deep down that it’s not fair that our parents get locked up or have to live in fear when what they want most of all is just a good life for us, like any good mom or dad. We know there’s no good reason for our families to be taken away from us. We should get to play and learn just like any other kid. That’s why we’re sending you this letter and why we’ve decided to tell our teachers, pastors, and other kids about what’s happening to our families.

In school, we learn that it’s important to stand up to bullying. We’re asking you to stand up for what’s right too. Some things have changed since the election, but we know that you still have the power to free our moms and dads.

We’ll be waiting for your reply about our meeting and about our moms and dads. Please do the right thing for Mother’s Day: bring our parents back to us.

Thank you,